What is the meaning of a sign "For contribution to the Dialogue of Cultures"?
Anna Serper

In the framework of the International Media Forum "Dialogue of Cultures" the sign will be presented for the thirteenth time.
The sign "For contribution to the Dialogue of Cultures" is annually awarded in the framework of this event held by the Mediacongress "The community of journalists" and the State Hermitage Museum.

The jury on behalf of the international journalistic community compiles a list of media, programs and media personalities of Russia who have made the greatest contribution to the development of the dialogue of cultures over the past year. After a survey among 500 respondents of Eurasia there are winners among print media, TV channels and Internet-sites, which created new forms of dialogue with society. And also a cultural figure who made the greatest contribution to the development of the art of dialogue. Traditionally the rewarding of winners was organized by the consistent partner, a research center Romir.

In different years the sign was presented to Vladimir Pozner, Sergey Agafonov, Channel 5, "Ogonek" magazine, Chairman of the Russian-Belgian Business Council Johan Vanderplaetse. .

The sign looks like a paragraph mark which is denoting a new thought, a new stage. A paragraph mark is an electronic symbol, but it begins its history from a medieval manuscript books. And a modern online journalism relies on the principles of a print one. This symbol is universal and international, as the Media Forum is.

Traditionally the sign will be awarded by the Head of the State Hermitage Museum, Mikhail Piiotrovsky and the Secretary of the Community of Journalists, Chairman of the Mediacongress, Ashot Jazoyan.

This year, on November 8, the sign "For contribution to the Dialogue of Cultures" will be awarded to Vladimir Spivakov, "Kultura" TV channel, "Rossiyskaya gazeta" newspaper and the Internet site "RT International".