Ricardo Markina Montañana
Spanish journalist, documentary filmmaker based in Russia
— Ricardo, when did you come to Russia for the first time and what did you do firstly?
— It was in St. Petersburg in the year 2000 with some friends on a trip from Finland, the first thing we did was try to find a restaurant to eat, it was impossible because we did not understand anything and nobody understood us.
But this experience didn't discourage you from moving to Russia, as we could see.

— Exactly, then I lived in Belarus in 2006, and arrived in Russia in 2008 again, but this time to settle here. I had already got to know Russian culture, and the truth and lies of many stereotypes.
— Do you think do Russians and Spanish have something in common?

— In my opinion, in general, all people, regardless the nationality, have much in common. We want to live as best as possible, at peace, without bothering others and without being disturbed. The human being is basically the same all over the world.
People always have different reactions on a person who tries to make a video with them. Usually I try to make reports of people who agree to be filmed, other times you have to improvise and film without permission. The problems usually come when you want to shoot something related to the State, something official, the Russian bureaucracy can be quite tedious.
In 2011 Ricardo had been living in Russia for 4 years, in St. Petersburg, but that year he moved to Moscow, and started working for several Russian media, which allowed him to travel a lot. The same time he created his YouTube Channel that was growing little by little with his trips to the different regions of Russian and to the countries of the former USSR.
What does enrapture and mesmerize you about Russia? And on the other side, what is scaring you?
— As a journalist Russia and the former USSR is a very interesting place, full of very different stories and landscapes. Russia is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country that has many stories to tell, this is what I like the most. I not afraid of nothing about Russia, but I do not like the current inability of many Russians to be critical of themselves and their country.
I like picturesque things like the Maslenitsa, but what I like the most is visiting places in Siberia and the Russian Arctic. In these years I have had many visits from family and friends, usually the impression is very positive, perhaps because, despite everything, Russia is still a great unknown.
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