November 8 / Thursday
11:00 – 13:00
Opening of the International photo exhibition
«Here I Live: 300 best works of 50 photocorrespondents of the world»
The General Staff Building. Dvortsovaya embankement

Welcome word:
Mikhail Piotrovsky
, Director-General of the State Hermitage Museum Opening remarks:
Ashot Dzhazoyan, Chairman of the Mediacongress «The Commonwealth of journalists», Secretary of the Russian Union of Journalists

Akos Burg (Austria), Kieran Dodds (Scotland), Daniel Mayrit (Spain), Frank Herfort (Germany)

13:00 – 13:30
Coffee break
13:30 – 15:00
Theme: «The dialogue on practice. Cross-border projects as a form of cooperation in the international media space».
Presentations of joint multimedia cross-border projects

Dvortsovaya embankemen, The Hermitage Theater

Ludmila Gromova, Head of the Department of History of Journalism SpBU

«The story of Alyosha». The cross-border project about the Soviet soldier-liberator Alexey Skurlatov is presented by Vyacheslav Kirichuk, head of the sector working with Federal and International Media of the Telecom and Mass Communication Department of the Altayskiy region and Ekaterina Zelenova, correspondent of «Altayskaya Pravda» newspaper (Russia, Altayskiy region)
The multimedia cross-border project «Finding shelter, finding peace» is presented by Georgi Kozhuharov, photo correspondent for the publishing house Economedia (Bulgaria)
International multimedia project «Habarovsk citizens» present foreign filmmakers Frank Herfort (Germany) и Pedro Ortis (Spain), and students of the students of the Pacific State University Nikulina Polina, Minina Alina and Krylova Elena (Khabarovsk region)
«Imperial capitals. Vienna and St. Petersburg in the photographs of modern authors». The project is represented by photographers Yuri Molodkovets (Russia) and Akos Burg (Austria)
Cross-border project «Gingers» presents photographer Kieran Dodds (Scotland)
«As long as we are moving east» - the continuation of the documentary journey of the French authors Marvin Kanas and Lucas Palen across Russia.

15:00 – 16:30
Dialogue to be continued
Presentations of documentary films and TV-spots. Second part
Dvortsovaya embankement, The Hermitage Theatre

Nikhil Rane, author of the idea. Documentary «Red Stars Lost in the Myst» (India)
Nadezhda Habets, producer of the TV-channel «Belarus-3». Documentary film «Sporovo Polka» (Belarus),
Alesia Kostik, student at Novosibirsk State University. Documentary «500 Reasons to Stay» (Russia, Novosibirskaya Oblast),
Gertrud Sparre-Ulrich, assistant of the TV-producer at Danish Broadcasting Station, «Hetna – a modern opera singer» (Denmark),
Dinara Abdirova, student at the Institute of Higher School of Journalism and Mass Communication, St. Petersburg State University. TV-report «The first public fund of artisans "Qolóner" appeared in Kostanay» (Kazakhstan)
Diana Mchedlidze, cameraman of the TV Channel «V Objective». TV-sketch «Georgian impression» (Georgia),
Maria Polukhtina, coordinator of the student channel MOST SpBU. TV-report «A Soviet Style was presented in the Countryside Capital» (Russia, Leningrskaya Oblast)

15:30 – 17:00
Web conference for young journalists in the Youth Center
The Dvortsovaya Embankment, The General Stuff Building
Kieran Dodds, photographer from Scotland.
Theme: «How a photographer can create a successful cross-border project on the example of the famous series of portraits"Gingers"»
16:30 – 17:00
Solemn Awarding Ceremony with a sign «For a huge contribution in the dialogue of cultures» on behalf of the Intermtional journalistic community and the State Hermitage Museum

«Initiation to Hetmitage» of the Forum's participants
Mikhail Piotrovsky, Ashot Dzhazoyan

Dvortsovaya embankement, The Hermitage Theatre
19:00 – 24:00
Gala dinner on behalf of the national and cultural autonomies of Saint-Petersburg
Nevsky avenue, 42, 2nd floor («Vernatun» Cultural Center)