Tansu Pişkin
I will get to meet other journalists from around the world and share my experience of being a journalist in Turkey.
About Tansu
Journalist at Bianet
— What are you expecting from the upcoming Media-Forum Dialogue of Cultures?
— I'm expecting to be a part of an organization that I believe will give me a new perspective. I hope that I will find the possibility to see Russian and meet with people from other cultures. I also would like to discover the perspective of other journalists
— Have you ever been to Russia before?
- I have never been to Russia and I am excited about my upcoming trip. I would like to see the historical heritage of Russia.
— How did the idea of becoming a journalist come to you? When did it happen?
- I have studied in Political Science. As a coincidence I became a journalist after graduating and I like what I do
— What is the favorite part of being a journalist to you?
- It is not easy being a journalist in Turkey for example asking questions freely without being afraid of the consequence
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