Novak Lukovac
Since dialogue is the basic instrument of communication, and cultures are what makes our world such a rich and diverse place, dialogue of cultures means the engagement into a fruitful exchange of opinions and experiences with all that richness.
About Novak
Freelancer, "Kurir" and "" outlets co-writer
What are you expecting from the upcoming Media-Forum Dialogue of Cultures?
— I am expecting to find a lot of interesting topics to write about. It will be extraordinary to see how much St. Petersburg had changed since I last visited, and through it, try to see how is Russia changing as well. Besides that, I expect to meet a lot of new colleagues, with which I will develop contact and cooperation, as I had on the previous congress in Crimea. There will definitely be a lot of things to work on.
— Have you ever been to Russia? If yes, what are you expecting from re-visiting this country?

— Yes, on two occasions. I expect to see the advancement and development of the Russian society and the city of St. Petersburg. Also, as a Serbian citizen, given the close ties between our nations, I expect a warm reception and a lot of open dialogue.
— Could you name any cross-border projects that help to maintain good relations between your country and Russia?

— On the state level Serbia and Russia have very close ties and plenty of joint projects. The biggest of the projects is the strategic partnership between Gazprom and NIS (Oil industry of Serbia). Besides that, the two countries have a huge cultural exchange, religious ties and cooperation in sports and defense industries. All of this improves the relationship between the countries and inspires new people to develop projects with Russia even in a lower level.
— We all are living in a digital era now. How modern technologies effect your work?
— Basically, the modern technologies comprise to almost everything today. From recording conversations and video materials, making photographs, to typing and editing all of that, we are dependent on digital technologies. But its only after the product, whether it's a plain text, photograph or a multimedia project, that our true engagement with the technologies start. Its than that we must use all the available social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others to reach out for our readers, and turn to Google Analytics to see what the numbers and graphs say about our work and our readership.
— What personal projects are you going to release based on this trip to St. Petersburg?
— I am hoping to find several topics to write about concerning the political life, art and the state of Russian/St. Petersburg society.
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