Vladislav Nekrasov
(Russia, Novosibirsk)
According to me Dialogue of Cultures is, first of all, an understanding between people with different experience and world view. I think that it is important to listen and to hear to each other especially in a modern world.
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The film is about people who have chosen an alternative way to life in eco-settlement.
They seek to live in harmony with themselves and the world around them, building their own happiness from scratch.
Film crew
Nekrasov Vladislav
Anishenko Anna
Kirpicheva Polina
Previous works
Canon student program 2018 «Visa pour l'image» participant (France, 2018)
Ist degree Diploma «University», Photo-projects (Moscow, 2018)
Ist degree Diploma «University», Photo-projects (Moscow, 2017)
Ist degree Diploma «Science Media», Photo-projects (St. Petersburg, 2016)
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— Why have you decided to make a film about ecovillage?
— Initially we planned to make a film about villages. We wanted to show the tend of dying of Russian villages. But during the process of collecting material I have bumped into such an interesting phenomenon like ecovillages and this phenomenon have shown me the opposite situation – many people go to villages from cities to live there. I was interested by this theme because of its singularity and big variety of points of view.
Why have you decided to use this tones and colours?

— It was happened because the texture dictated us colors and tones. The fieldwork started at the 1 October and ended at the end of November. The majority of working days were overcast and raining, so dark colors and the melancholic state of Siberian nature are prevailing in the film.
What were the main troubles during the preparations for filming and during the filming?

— The biggest trouble was to find heroes. We've searched for about a month. The second hard situation was the road to village – it was nearly for 4 hours one way. We hadn't any troubles with showing and disclosing characters because all of heroes were really open-minded and understanding.
— How much time have you spent for film editing?

— September was a month for searching for characters, from the start of October till the end of December we did the filming and mastering. So we spent 3 month for our work.
Did you changed your attitude to residents of ecovillages and to their way of living during the filming?
— Of course. The heroes became more open-minded after long conversations and interviews. We have understood the hardness of their fate and life before the moving to the ecovillage and after. But, despite of all problems, the've saved the belief in love and good and in themselves. They are trying to live in harmony with the nature and to bring only benefit.
You are a young author, who brings up some hard and serious themes. Do you think this kind of cinematography is interesting for modern young spectators?
— I can judge only with the help of the example of people who surrounds me and I see that materials on some similar themes can be interesting for more and more of millenials. It's important to sort out the problems of our world, and serious themes partly gives us answers for some worrying questions, so I am convinced that those questions are interesting.
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