Anastasia Kurylina
(Russia, Moscow)
This film will tell you about the man of the old male profession. Blacksmiths - people strong, persistent, working every day with fire and steel. But few know that they were even more romantic and sensitive people than many of us! Pampukha Igor Yuryevich will tell not only about himself, the knife industry and his "Knife" philosophy, but also show their own small collection and share your thoughts on the future of the blacksmithing.
Film crew
Screenings and awards
Festival "Telemania" - Best Documentary Film, Best Director ("The music of steel") (2017)
Omsk Festival "The World Around Us" - Best Cinematography ("The music of steel") (2018)
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— Why did you decide to make a documentary about this character? How did you find the topic?
— In the second year, the obligatory course work in our institute is a portrait sketch. I wanted to tell about my character through his profession. when the team and I began to look for a person with an interesting profession, it turned out that my operator, Juliana Lavrova, knows the blacksmith, Pampuha. I was very interested in such a rare now, but historically important profession. Immediately a lot of questions, associations, ideas, themes, problems that could be raised began to emerge. We found his contacts on the same day and wrote to him.
I really loved my movie hero, I loved him from the moment of the first meeting, at the interview, during the installation. And even after a while, we sometimes see each other and do not forget each other. To meet with such a person, for me it is like a gift of fate!
What were the main difficulties during the preparation for the shooting of the film and during the shooting itself?

— The main problem was that we were not familiar with Igor Yuryevich, and it will be difficult for everyone to open up before a stranger. And since I interviewed on such a scale for the first time, I acted both as a director and a journalist, it was difficult for me to relax the character and psychologically relax myself. But I think it worked out for us!
— How long did the filming and editing of the film take?

- The shooting took place on three days: on the first day, the interviews were filmed and all the shots were taken in the workshop, on the second day we visited the Blade exhibition, and the third day was devoted to shooting additional images of knives. I was so delighted with the interview that the first draft of the montage was ready that evening, after shooting in the studio. Then, during the month I corrected the film with the master, added frames, worked on the music and color correction.
Was it difficult to find a common language with the hero? Did he manage to relax himself in front of the camera right away?

— Surprisingly, I found a common language with Igor Yuryevich right away. We agreed in advance, even before the interview, about the meeting to get to know each other better, discuss the issues and see the location. And so it happened that at the meeting from the whole team I came alone. And I think it was for the best. When we first saw each other, I immediately felt something native in him, probably
because he reminded me outwardly and in the nature of my grandfather, just as simple, open and very friendly person. He showed me a workshop, products, for tea he told about himself, about the collection and at the same time showed his old gramophone and records. Watching the love with which he turns him on, with what enthusiasm he listens to barely distinguishable old melodies, he also sings along, I saw in him not only the master of knife products, not only the worker, but also the delicate, sensitive soul. Then the whole image was formed.
A complete understanding helped us to achieve the "game". He offered me to shoot at his work space. There were 6 plates, as if in a dash, if you hit, they turn over. I knocked out 5 of 6 plates. It turns out that in this way he plays with his son whose turn it is to clean the work space. Igor Yuryevich was surprised and called me then "my man".
Tell us about the production of light in the fragments of interviews with the character.
- Pampouha had a bright enough fill light from a large ceiling lamp in the workshop, so that we
highlighted only the character himself and with the help of red and blue filters and two instruments we
created an interesting background surroundings with a brazier.
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