Bertalan Adam Egry
"We are curious about other nations' cultures, traditions and mentality"
About Bertalan
Reporter and foreign editor
TV2 Media Group Private Company Limited by Shares (shortly: TV2 Ltd.)
What are you expecting from the upcoming Media-Forum Dialogue of Cultures?
— I hope I can make a reportage about a really good story which can connect Hungarian people with the Russian ones.
— Have you ever been to Russia? What were your expectations before you visited this country?

— I was in Russia only last year. I thought everybody is so nice, because my parents said that, and they were right. Russian people are really kind.
— How did your image of this big and multinational country have changed? What was this image?

— I thought the country is over-politicized but it is actually not which is good for the society.
The feeling of creating something new with words and at the TV with footage is an overwhelming experience.
— How did the idea of becoming a journalist come to you? When did it happen?
— I always wanted to be a TV reporter when I was a child. Although I am graduated from law faculty beside the university I made a media school. I figured out that TV is my real place where I want to work.
— What do you want to reach in this sphere?
— At once I would like to be a correspondent in a foreign country from where I can report the local news to the Hungarian people.
— In your opinion, what are the tendencies in TV-journalism?
— I think the main tendency is that people want to be entertained with the TV. It does not matter anymore if they watch a news program or a talent show. Viewers can consume news from the Internet very rapidly, so they expect some amusement elements if they are watching a news program.
— How do the new technologies affect the media and communication nowadays in general?
— With the social media news can be spread easier than ever, and with users' feedbacks fake news can be detected earlier.
— Could you name any cross-border projects that build a bridge between Russia and Hungary?
— Latest cross-border project was a Munkácsy exhibiton in Hermitage Museum in Sankt Petersburg. Munkácsy is one the most famous Hungarian painter.
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