Anna Shevchenko
(Russia, Ekaterinburg)
Dialogue of Cultures is an interest of a person of one culture towards the external world and exchange of spiritual values.
About Anna
Freelancer, journalist of the Internet portal «It's my city»
About the project:

How do spanish people understand "The War and Piece", how do they see a russian woman and how write about our scandalous "Mathilda"? The author of the study makes a research of formation of the russian people and Russia through the russian culture based on the examples of such popular journals as «El Pais» и «El Mundo».
— What are your expectations of upcoming media-forum "Dialogue of Cultures"?
— I have a goal to widen my view, meet interesting people from different countries and present my research on the dialogue of cultures of Russia and Spain, hear the opinion of professionals and find inspiration for new projects.
— What does "Dialogue of Cultures" means personally to you?
— First of all, it is a curiosity and pride. It is also an interest of one culture representative towards the external world and exchange of spiritual values. It is a presentation of your achivements and interest towards the development of creativity of other cultures.
— What are your expectations of a trip to St. Petersburg? Have your ever been to St. Petersburg before?
— I was there once at the dance competition and didn't have a chance to see the "real" St. Petersburg. For me it's not just a "must see" list trip. According to me you can see the "real" city only when you let yourself to turn off the navigator and get lost in some unknown courtyard or climb the roof, find a place with a special atmosphere, meet somebody who will join your adventure. That's why I'll stay in St. Petersburg for 2 days more after the forum ends. I also have a plan to go to St. Petersburg State University and learn about the possibility of entering the magistracy of "cultural journalism".
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