Albina Janaeva, Bela Nakusova
(Russia, North Osetia)
festival of documentary films and tv spots «here I live»
The documentary series
The documentary series "Great osetians from Great theater" consists of five films and is dedicated to the staff of the Bolshoi Theater of Russia, which was brought up by Osetia. In the second film of the series, the authors introduce the audience to the head of the ballet company Makhar Vaziev.
How did you come up with the idea of making a film on this topic?
— In the Bolshoi Theater of Russia are not few natives from North Ossetia. It is a great honor for the people of the Republic. We couldn't not to tell everyone about.
How long did the preproduction and production periods last?
— The preproduction lasted about three weeks. During this time, the authors agreed to shoot and worked on the scripts. When the accreditation was received, the first three films were shot in 4 days. We spent 2 days on shooting Maharbek Vaziev.
— Was it difficult to find contact with the characters of the film?

— All the characters of the film were sympathetic people, with whom it was surprisingly pleasant to work. For each of them it was not the first shooting, so they understood the specifics of journalistic work.
What was the most difficult while working on the film?
— The most difficult thing was to shoot a movie and not to distract the theater staff from work. And it was necessary to adjust their ideas according to the available opportunities. And, of course, we should not forget about the time, which was also not very much.
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