Daniel Mayrit
International photo exhibition "here i live"
The installation consists of two spaces separated by a huge wall. Each part has its own meaning. So, one of the sides of the wall is called the great wall of memes (by analogy with the great wall of China). It contains popular memes of the last decade. On the other side there are books devoted to photos on the Net or digital sphere. According to the main idea of this project, every work loses its former meaning and turns into a unique art project after getting into the network. It can be a photo, a video or a quote. Daniel Mayrit urges all of us to look at digital creativity as a new layer of modern culture.
"The exhibition aims to show the different sides of the same problem: how art, photography, journalism and creative environment based on different images faces digital dematerialization in the era of our existence," says Daniel Marit. - "In this scenario, I perceive two different reactions: on the one hand, we have a very healthy Renaissance of the documentary genre (especially in photography), and on the other hand, we have those authors who bring the digital world into our tangible world."
Art, after all, is related to communication process. It disseminates messages among people. You can do it yourself creating your own work or via works of other artists. In fact, it is the same process.
Daniel Mayrit
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