Jekaterina Borzaya
News editor at "Latvijas Radio"
— Can you list your main professional achievments?
— I think my greatest achievment is 5 years of work on the Air. It means that I am the one who informs people about both tragic events and positive events. It's not always simple. Talking about tragic events you should stay with a cool head. I would also like to note the variety of the work i do such as weekend anchor, news announcer, contributing editor and I'm proud of it!
— This was your first time in St. Petersburg? What impressed you the most?
— Yes, it was my first time in St. Petersburg! I was impressed how huge and clean the city is. St. Petersburg will always be associated with "Dialogue of Cultures".
— At the forum was widely discussed the issue of media digitization. According to you, which direction is more suitable for radio development?
— I think that radio is something permanent. This media sphere will follow all the technological tendences and, probably, will turn into more digital view. For example, broadcasts via the Internet, apps for gadgets, social networks, online video maybe will reach the new level not only the way to present the content but the broadcast itself. Like instead of primitive towers something more digital.
— Do you know any cross-border multimedia projects which could contribute to the dialogue between Russia and other countries?
— Due to a political cituation , there are very few projects like this between Russia and Latvia. I know that Russia has some projects with other friendly countries. Also there are different media whos journalists work abroad. And of course all that projects which were presented during the "Dialogue of Cultures".
— Can you say that this media forum was productive? Did you have a chance to communicate with your foreign colleagues? Do you keep in touch with them?
— Yes, I can! Communication with so many different journalists, foreign media presentatives and people of different cultures is an enormous experience! It's always good to know the practical part of work with content and to see how it is defferent.

I was lucky to communicate with about 70% of journalists. It was possible due to official and not official events. Now I keep in touch with journalists from Georgia, Siberia, Belarus. And of course I have many new friend on social networks and who knows, maybe one day it can be helpful.
— Can you give any advice to young journalists who work on radio?
— To think all thee time, to be active, to be involved in information flow and react briefly on topical new stories. And of course, be opened to new challenges and experiments because it is unvaluable experience which will never be useless.
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