Julia Kazakova
(Russia, Moscow)
Editor-in-Chief of "Read square"
— You already participated in the "Dialogue of Cultures". What did motivate you to come here again?
— Media forum "Dialogue of Cultures" became a center of attraction for professionals who are interested in intercultural exchange and seraching for new growth points. Unique atmosphere of the Forum gives an energy for next year and inspires fro new projects.
— Can you please tell us about the project "Read Square"?
— Media project "ReadSquare" was created in 2015 to show Russia through the foreign exchange students' point of view. The project became a platform for exchange students communication and collaboration to develop their tallent. Since 2017 "ReadSquare" focuses on the main source of information - its data. Because the langueage of statistics is international. Key topics highlighted in the project are international collaboration, social adaptation, intercultural communicartion and ethnic issues. All the materials are based on author's experience.
— Can you list the main publications which were published during the life of the platform?
— Students from different countries, of different experience and points of view participated in the project. Exchange student from Africa John Prince wrote some novels including "Big secret of successful people" for "ReadSquare". And so the editorial office started to publish students' personal stories. Also there were published articles of researchers from foreign Universities who came with lectures to High School of Economics. Now the editorial office focuses on data analysis which provides a basis for materials.
— In your application form for "Dialogue of Cultures" you mentioned a participation of international students' media in UN media projects. Can you share your experience?

— Media project "ReadSquare" involves foreign students in russian universoties life. Model United Nations is one of the few multilingual events. It is unique opportunity for "ReadSquare" to highlight the collaboration between russian and foreign students on aspects of international agenda.
Annually russian students model United Nations meeting where they discuss international problems such as questions of migration, preserving of national identity, information security and some of pressing problems.

Members of our editorial staff took part in Model UN as journalists and highlighted the topic-making process, amendment and the final draft of resolution. Process of modeling of the work of media makes students realise future prospects and possible problems of work as international journalists.
Fifth Model European Young Parliament (EYP) took place in the beginning of November, 2018 in Moscow and gethered students from Europe. It was nesessary not only gether information about the topic but also refer participants' opinion. At the Model students had to develop decisions based on combine data. That is what formed the basis for material.
On one side the article analyse data which represents a critical situation in some countries, on the other side, it expreses emotions of participants who offer solutions of global problems.
— Do you know any cross-boarder multimedia projects which contribute to the dialogue between Russia and other countries?
— One of the most remarkable cross-boarder projects is dekoder. Team of german journalists gather news about Russia and translate them for german-speaking readers. They write materials about social development of regions and personal stories of russian people.
— Can you give an advice to young international journalists?
— Professionals ethics plays a key role in international journalism. Development of the international dialogue imposes obligations of defence of interests of the country on journalists. On the other side, journalists should describe the situation with an open mind. According to BBC code, the news report should be devided into two equal parts with equal amount of time to highlight different points of view. If international journalists face the question of material's quality then ethical criteria moves to the foreground.
Awards and prises
- Best short movie (Riga Summer School Awards, 2017)
- Winner of "University UPC" nomination (HackUPC Barcelona, 2018)
- Winner of "web-design and analitics" nomination ("New newspaper", 2018)
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