Frank Herfort
international exhibition "here i live"
Photo project
The project includes documentary film and a serie of famous foreign photographers. It is devoted to Khabarovsk citizens, the people of creative and technical professions, different interests and personal stories. They are united by the city and an aspiration to develop themselves.
Frank Herfort spent more than 10 years shooting different place all around the country. Being an architecture photographer he pays tribute to old-fashioned Stalinist decors and still uses lots of russian interiors. His works are a modern outside perspective n the russian countryside.
«I enjoyed the trip and was impressed the most by nice and friendly people, whom we met to take pictures of. I shot the aircrew, the vegetable growers, a painter, builders, trolleybus driver, steamship captain and even a father-barista! All of them greeted us hospitably and tried to do everything we asked for. I really felt a warm soul of the Far East and tryed to pass through my photos."
Frank Herfort
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