Akos Burg
For me "Dialogue of Cultures" means connecting people, show the roots and the past with the present, never forgetting what our ancestors have left and taught us, what the history of culture gave us – not just materially also for the spirit and social intelligence .
International photo exhibition "here i live"
Photo project

"Zapf de Pipi"
My project is connected with the topic of the photo and video exhibition "Here I live". As a matter of fact, I see my actual home town differently as you would do, if you were in Vienna. That's normal. You also see St. Petersburg differently as those who live here.
Officially, Vienna is one of the most liveable cities of the world they say . It could be true, but personally I do not want to decide on this. Fact is, a lot of tourists and visitors swarm about this city as a very attractive and a clean one, with beautiful architecture, green parks, well-functioning public transport system and a space full of green parks including the 21 km long Donauinsel (an island surrounded by the river danube) which splits vienna into two parts. As to me, I can say Austrians and so the Viennese as well, are very organised. There is always someone who is responsible for something. But in my eyes something still needs to be fixed in Vienna and it's absolutely not at all. It's nowhere fixed in this world, I guess. Maybe vienna will be the first? This unnamed issue is an olfactorical sorrow , a real pain in the ass in someone's nose . It's starting from spring and ending before winter , when the cold times come . My photo project "PIPI" in reality treats Viennese urine on the streets
2009, Eisenstadt, 2nd place Province Price LJKP Burgenland
2010, Eisenstadt 4th place Province Price, LJKP Burgenland
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— What are you expecting from the upcoming Media-Forum Dialogue of Cultures?

— I am attending the Media-Forum for the first time. My expectations are to gain insight in other workflows and daily routines of photographers, and, to have more information about the personalities behind the pictures. Are they connected somehow to each other? I often ask myself these questions. Additionally, I am curious in which framework the congress will take place and how its built up and organized.
— How did the idea of becoming a photographer come to you? At what age did it happen?
— I had photography as a hobby and during my landscape architecture studies I realized my heart beats for photography, such a beautiful and diverse medium . So applied for "dieGrapische, Wien" and started to study photography, following my passion as a profession .
I want to make people with my photography happy
— What is your favorite part of being a photographer?
— f I can work on bigger projects also analogically . That means not only infront of the monitor.
— Have you ever been to Russia? What are your expectations?
— I have been once to Moscow in 2010 for 10 days, visiting museums and one friend and it was a fantastic time . Hope to be the same in St. Petersburg
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