Lana Abshilava
Journalist at AGTRK, a host of the analytical newscast «Алкаақәа»
— Can you list your main professional achievments?
— The word «achievement», in my opinion, is too pompous to characterize my modest results in this field. I have been working at the Abkhazian State TV channel for 9 years. My way in journalism began while I was still a student, with the morning program «Шьыжьбзиа Аԥсынтәыла» at AGTRK. Having worked for 3,5 years as a correspondent, later I became the host of the same program and have been working in this position till 2017. For 2 years I have been working as an editor and host of the weekly analytical newscast, and also as a moderator of a press conference with the heads of government agencies at the press center AT. But, the biggest achievement in profession to me is the feedback from my viewers. I measure the benefit of my work by their assessment. And always treat with gratitude all the wishes.
— Was it your first time in St. Petersburg? What was the most impressive thing during this trip?
— This city is magic! There is so much power and charm, so much mystery and beauty, that you need to discover it leisurely. Even though it's my second trip to St. Petersburg, I think that it is destined to get to know it every time like the first time. Sukhum is my favorite and my endless love. But the atmosphere of St. Petersburg makes it the same close, with a steady rhythm of life. It's hard to say what made the strongest impression on me exactly, but I suppose, that it's a good sign. Everything was so harmonious, that it is hard to refine anything. But people are those who leaves the strongest impression. Totally different, utterly unlike, but united by a shared interest. And, of course, it was reflected in the photo-exhibition «Here I Live».
— At the forum was widely discussed the issue of media digitization. According to you, which direction is more suitable for the development of television?
— The emergence of new gadgets and the development of the Internet naturally affects radio and television. According to some data, over the past 5 years the share of digital has reached 20%, this figure is huge. Most likely, the impact of digital on traditional media will only increase further, so it is necessary not to panic, but to learn to keep up with the times and be able to respond to the requests of the audience.

Television has already made it clear that the content produced by bloggers on the Internet is relevant and meets the quality requirements for the TV format. Bloggers also understand this, that is why they are producing more and more qualified and interesting content. In general, they are already quite successful in this. Even if you close your put aside the statistics, you could hear people saying that the only information channel that brings news quicker than the television is the Internet. For example, in Abkhazia, information appears first on Facebook, before any TV channel and Agency, respectively, the segment of consumers of this social network will not wait for news on television.

At the same time, it is too early to say that some format will disappear over time, but the redistribution of budgets to more recent and working formats will definitely follow. For example, instead of banner advertisements or the same advertisements on TV, the company will give preference to a more lively integration in the YouTube videos of bloggers.
— Could you say that this Forum was productive in a proffesional way for you? Did you have a chance to communicate with the foreign colleagues? Are you still in touch with the guys you've met in St. Petersburg?
—Absolutely yes! Today time dictates its rules, each of us is becoming more picky. Numerous forums, seminars and round-table conferences in themselves are no longer valuable and interesting. Only meetings that give something to think over, new knowledge, experience and useful acquaintances could be attractive in such kind of projects. «Dialogue of Cultures» Media-Forum is a great platform for informal communication with the colleagues from different countries. Moreover, it allows you not only adopt the best practices of the media representatives from all over the globe, but also to share yours, and to show the result of your work. This year we could not submit our project due to a time-factor, but next time we will take this apportioning for sure.

During this Forum I had time to speak with colleagues from the North Ossetia, Russia, Austria, India and France, and stay in touch with some of them after the forum's ending as well.
— Please give advise to young journalists, who work on television.
— TV-journalism is a trip around globe that you have to be mentally prepared to. If you go for it as for an adventure, which you have chosen consciously, your success will be forthcoming. It may sound like a cliche, but you should first of all fall in love with what you are going to deal with, and then take risks. But during all this way you have to work on yourself.

Be inspired by experienced, deep-thinking and ideological colleagues. Do not create idols, sculpt this person from yourself, that man, whom you would like to imitate. Test yourself and believe in yourself. You are already taught how to write, read, shoot reports, do interviews, etc., now is time to show everyone how good at it you are.
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